This origin story of norda™ is proudly Canadian. Our home is on the trails, running through the fields and mountains between Montreal and the Eastern Townships. This is where the norda dream began and where the first prototypes were put to the test. 

However, running the trails year-round isn’t always the best way to explore. In the off-season (from running), Willa often skis twice a day here from the farm in the Townships. Growing up, Nick competed seriously in cross-country skiing, winning the GMAA (Montreal/Quebec) individual championships for five consecutive years. He wanted to pursue the sport in university but for numerous reasons he never had the opportunity to chase that dream.

Longevity in endurance activity to us means adapting to the conditions the natural world presents to us. On the surface, cross-country skiing and running seem like very disparate activities. However, our partnership with Nordiq Canada is one steeped in purpose. Major chunks of the year are spent running while others are spent skiing. It’s all based on a movement and energy we never want to cease. Just as we spend time skiing, the Nordiq Canada athletes spend a considerable amount of the year running.

“Running is one of the best activities cross-country skiers can do for cross training. Early in the spring season we do a ton of running. It encompasses a wide range of training possibilities, including long volume runs, interval sessions, and even uphill ski striding sessions when combined with poles. Running enables me to work on my power, speed, and endurance, that all improve my skiing.” 

- Alexis Ermel, QC

“The beauty of our sport is we have so much time to enjoy and explore our surroundings, and the natural world. To propel ourselves forward, we interact directly with the terrain to create energy transfers. In running, this energy transfer is a short and quick burst with every footstep forward. This is similar while skiing but instead of a quick energy transfer burst, we glide more and then create the energy transfer as we kick to the other ski. These energy transfers are what deepen our interactions with the natural world.” 

– Xavier Mckeever, AB

xavier mckeever

“Running brings me to places inaccessible by any other means, be it conquering mountain peaks or traversing vast stretches of single-track. Embracing the outdoors through running is an experience like no other, relying solely on the synergy between my body and shoes getting me where my heart desires. The options are limitless and that’s what I love the most about running.”

-Jasmine Drolet, BC

jasmine drolet

“We spend countless hours in our ski boots and running shoes, the experiences they offer are distinct. When I'm on my skis, I am fully immersed in the pursuit of improvement. Every aspect comes into focus – from perfecting my technique and understanding the muscle groups engaged to optimizing each stride for utmost efficiency. Skiing grants me the opportunity to explore breathtaking winter scenery while honing my skills. It serves as both a training ground and an adventure.

When I lace up my running shoes, a different sensation takes hold. I can disconnect my mind and surrender to the terrain. In this state, I find solace in being completely present and grounded, feeling the connection to the earth through every step. It's an amazing sensation, and an invaluable way for me to cross-train and enhance my skiing abilities.” 

– Brittany Hudak, AB

brittany hudak

This partnership is a testament to our dedication for our shoes to help athletes achieve their full potential in training. With love and great respect from the norda barn in the Eastern Townships, we are proud of this opportunity to support Nordiq Canada.

Photography: Nathaniel Mah