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Phenomenal athlete, trail runner, and coach based in Canmore, Alberta, you will find Sam Dickie on the peaks beyond civilization with his dog Miya. 

He has put over 700km in his first pair of norda x ciele Cooper’s Hawk.

Sam is now taking on mountains this winter in the the norda™001 G+® spike.

As his friend, Jordy Higgins, put it: this guy creates routes that blows my mind”.

Here’s Sam’s norda testimony:  

Every time I open a box of fresh shoes, I wonder where these will take me next?

Armed and ready to go as far as my imagination will take me-a blank canvas ready to be painted of memories with blood and mud. 

Once the shoes are retired I think of the experiences l’ve had in the mountains, and the lessons l’ve learned along the way. 

Some of the greatest memories l’ve had have been on the trail and your shoes are the tool that drive me there. 

I’m super stoked to be working with norda. Their passsion and innovation not only drive me to reach my goals, but inspire me to push and take risks, as they have, coming into the shoe industry.

For the record Sam, we are equally thrilled to have you on board. We are excited about the adventures ahead. The norda community is growing!


Photos by Nic Groulx