Oliver Apel

We launched our joint adventure with ciele athletics; the norda™001 Cooper’s Hawk edition.

The Cooper’s Hawk is inspired by the hawk of the same name, the first of the North American true hawks, that recently returned to Montreal and Mt Royal to nest and hunt. The hawk is remarkable for its yellow claws.

Our friends at NDG Run Rite Athletics Club hosted a run from the launch event at Off The Hook Boutique, heading to the mountain at heart of Montreal, Mont Royal. 

In 1876, the city of Montreal saved the mountain from inevitable development with the inauguration of Parc Mont Royal. In so doing, carved out a place where our communities could continue to play and run and commune in our natural environment.

Special thanks to Off The Hook for hosting the event and to LOOP Mission for the refreshments.

The norda™001 Cooper’s Hawk is now available HERE and at many of our STOCKISTS WORLDWIDE.

Photos: Pété Photographie